Meli’s Monster Cookies taste so good you’d never guess they’re gluten-free!

Hello. We are the Melissa’s, creators and founders of Meli’s Monster Cookies.

We have been friends, and bakers, for over 30-years. Our “aha” moment was triggered when a close family member developed a gluten intolerance. While baking monster cookies, a family recipe passed down from generation to generation, it dawned on us that this delicious cookie was naturally gluten-free. Realizing this and knowing how awesome they were, was the catalyst to share Meli’s Monster Cookies with you.

As moms who put a premium on caring for our families and others, we are delighted to share this deliciously awesome, better-for-you, cookie containing no gluten substitutes. We can say with confidence, it’s the best cookie you will ever eat and “oh, by the way, its gluten-free!”

Thank you for letting us share our family’s recipe with yours. Welcome to the Meli’s Monster Cookie Family!

Baked with love,
Signatures of the Meli’s

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